At Ceejays we believe in Customer Care. As a family run Company with 12 years experience our Customer Service is the best in the Business.

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Couriers East Anglia

With 20 years of experience in the industry, when it comes to delivering parcels and packages, we know what we are doing. Because of our years of experience, we are able to provide the highest quality service possible, ensuring that our customers are always happy with the service that they receive. At CeeJay Couriers Ltd we are passionate about providing the very highest levels of service and customer care, and endeavour to never let our customers down. That’s why, when it comes to choosing a courier service in the East Anglia area, we’re the couriers to call. 

Our skilled and experienced team members are trained to the highest standards in mail collection and delivery, including handling breakable and delicate items, and preventing damage or loss. We understand that when you choose to courier an item, you expect it to be delivered quickly and efficiently, which is why we always endeavour to offer the fastest delivery times possible. 

As part of the high levels of customer service that we offer, we run a ‘Guaranteed Same Day Delivery Or Your Money Back’ service. Our same day deliveries also come with timings, so that our customers know when their parcel or package should arrive at its propose destination. Although we have couriers in East Anglia, we also cover the entire UK, ensuring that our customer’s parcels and packages can be sent to wherever they need them to go. Whether you need a parcel sent a few miles away or a hundred miles away, we’re the couriers to call. 

If you are looking for couriers in East Anglia that can collect and deliver all manner of items, we can help. From pieces of art and health products to legal documents and gifts, there are a wide range of products that we can deliver. To view our terms and conditions, visit our ‘Terms and Conditions’ page. 

When it comes to professional couriers in East Anglia, we offer a fantastic service. As we know that our couriers are representing you and your business, we always ensure that they are smart and well dressed, in our simple uniform. Our couriers are trained to always be polite and helpful, and do everything that they can to ensure a package gets delivered on time, to the right place. 

To make the process of using our courier service easier, we offer a range of payment options. These include our monthly service which allows regular users of our courier service to make monthly payments for their deliveries, instead of having to pay on collection. At the end of each month, we send out our monthly members an invoice stating their payment amount for the month. This means less hassle when placing orders during the month, as you don’t need to make one payment at the end of each month. 

When it comes to using a courier service in East Anglia, we are proud to be able to offer one of the most effective and efficient services in the area, as well as across the UK. Our courier service is second-to-none in terms of quality and efficiency, providing the most incredible levels of customer care.