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Delivery Courier Services

Ceejay couriers offer excellent delivery services to meet your needs. We offer same day or next day delivery services, depending on your needs, the needs of the package, and the needs of the recipient of your delivery. For businesses or companies, and offer contract arrangements, whereby you can use our delivery services to courier your merchandise regularly and rely on a trusted, experienced company to get your packages., parcels and products where they need to be, at the time they need to be there, and, most importantly, in the condition they should be in upon arrival. 
Due to the diverse needs of many of the companies we have made delivery for, we have built up an excellent fleet of transport and means to courier your goods as quickly and efficiently as possible. For example, we have motorbikes couriers who ensure speedy delivery of your smaller, more valuable items that require urgent delivery. In our courier fleet of delivery vehicles have long wheel base transits, capable of delivering larger, bulkier items such as furniture or food products headed for a shop or supermarket. With such a huge choice of vehicles, you can certainly rely on our courier services, no matter what the time scale we are working with, or the package due for delivery. In fact we even have an arrangement where one of our courier team members can fast track your parcel to its destination, traveling by rail.
Because our delivery courier services have such a good means of transport, we can confidently offer nationwide coverage. Just ask the team if you need any other details that may need attention due to the nature of your delivery needs. We can also be so confident of a good record of services regarding our delivery schedules and targets that we offer a money back guarantee if your delivery is not made within, or on the said time and date. We use satellite navigation to give you the correct, realistic, expected time your customer or recipient can expect to take delivery of the specified item or items. If we do not meet these agreed upon terms of our services, and our courier fails to get there for any reason, then we will make other arrangements and set it as a priority at no extra cost, as well as refunding you the original quoted price and charge. In order to keep you fully updated of any problems or any expected delays, or just to give you piece of mind, we can track our courier on route. Therefore we know where the package and delivery is. We can also keep ourselves updated with any traffic delays in the areas as well as weather conditions that may make a difference to our services. 
We at Ceejay Couriers have been in business, making deliveries around the country for some 20 years, and we take pride in our first class delivery services. Check out the website and testimonials of some of our satisfied customers. www.ceejaycouriers.com