At Ceejays we believe in Customer Care. As a family run Company with 12 years experience our Customer Service is the best in the Business.

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Our Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Read what some regular customers say about Ceejays......

Ceejays don't mind doing that little bit extra and that means a lot to us.

Steve - Print Finishing Company, Shrub End Colchester


One of our in-warehouse Companies needed an urgent, timed delivery to Manchester for the next day, which our transport division could not fulfil. I was asked what they should do to make sure their customer received their goods on time and I had no hesitation in answering "The same as others have done, phone Ceejay Couriers"

They did and their relationship with Ceejays has been continuous ever since.

Patsy - Magnus Group


As a Distribution Manager I am responsible for large quantities that need to be dispatched on a daily basis.

When items are delicate, urgent or just far too important to risk any possibility of non delivery, I always use CeeJays.  I have immediate peace of mind that their 10 years of experience will guarantee delivery on time every time!

Graham Milne -  Distribution Company in Colchester


Everytime Ceejays delivers my chairs they end up broken! Why then should I recommend them?  Read On.....

I manufacture chairs that are made to be broken. But not in transport! I should explain. The chairs I make are used in the production of Les Miserables at the Queens Theatre in London. Every night they are used in the fight scene and need to break easily so as not to hurt the actors. The legs are partly sawn through which makes them very delicate to transport.

Having used Ceejay Couriers for a number of years with no damage on route, I am pleased to report that on stage is the only place they get broken. They asked if I would lay a testimonial to their part in keeping the show going and I am pleased to do so.

Mark - Stage Design Company in Suffolk